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Eagle Electronics’ nationwide logistics solution will solve your company’s most troublesome issue with our secure and reliable transportation service. We provide local and national logistic network and services for your company’s sensitive data and equipment. With the use of our trucks and downstream partners, we will make sure assets arrive safely to our locations.

Eagle will manage your company’s asset from beginning to end. We will make sure it securely arrives to our recycling facilities; then dispose it according to our strict NO LANDFILL policy. Eagle vigorously complies with all EPA and TCEQ rules and regulations in order for our customers to feel secure and protected.

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Licensing and Permits

Eagle Electronic Resources has all the required environmental permits and registrations and follows all the environmental protection agency rules and regulations.

For your protection, we will issue your company a “Certificate of Data Destruction” and “Certificate of Disposal” which will guarantee the appropriate destruction of your company’s sensitive data and equipment.

Eagle Electronics is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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