recycle, improve ecosphere To maximize asset recovery for our customers, we can help you identify and remarket your old technology. Your company’s old electronics will come to our location for separation and classification. We will find the best markets to resell your old electronics. With our national and international sales markets, we will make sure your company receives the maximum value for its products. This is a great way for your company’s materials to be reused, and to reduce waste while recovering asset.

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At Eagle Electronics, we are committed to reduce waste and reuse old technology. We test and repair products and remarket them as refurbished goods. We will add or change parts to add value to these products and sell them on our online store.

Items that do not have a resale value will be disassembled. Parts are sold to reliable downstream partners for their commodity value.


Eagle Electronics Consignment Program is the most effective and profitable way for your company to maximize returns on your valuable assets. Our four step program consists of Inventory, Screening, Refurbishing, and Liquidation.

Once Eagle Electronics receives your assets, we will inventory, test, repair, and determine the appropriate market place for your assets.Generally, it takes 7-14 days for you to receive funds for your assets. If that is too long, Eagle Electronics will be able to provide you with a “buy it now” price to meet your needs.

Try Eagle Electronics for your Asset Recovery needs. Once you experience our superior service and the high returns, we will have a great relationship that will last a lifetime.

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At Eagle, we sell technology through our online stores at and our EbayStore .

We are committed for customer satisfaction and outstanding with our service.

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